October 25, 2013

when the veil between worlds is at is thinnest, the strange and the magical are encouraged to arise…

. croquetseason :: veil .

1. the dream (slow drag) - james p johnson & his new york orchestra

2. had we had it -frankie rose

3. do you feel that -suprehumanoids

4. sweetness -air waves

5. song for zula -phosphorescent

6. ominous cloud -broadcast

7. dar enteha -kourosh

8. she splits me up -crocodiles

9. scale it back -dj shadow & little dragon

10. i want you tonight -sidney bechet

11. just what do you plan to do about it -jerry williams jr

12. days -the drums

13. waiting -MNDR

14. patsy girl -ross mcmanus

15. over you -roxy music

16. stop the sun, stop the moon -the boswell sisters

August 7, 2013


A tree is just a tree. That is, until you put a canvas behind it, turning it into a living piece of art. That’s exactly what South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee did and we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

(Source: exhibition-ism.com , via theonlymagicleftisart)

June 12, 2012
May 1, 2012
February 15, 2012

.rhye :: open.

i love when well established artists start new projects under mysterious monikers…like rhye. sade? or exceptional falsetto?


rhye :: open

January 20, 2012
January 12, 2012

shearwater :: animal life

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January 11, 2012

.girls :: honey bunny.

so nice to hear girls maturing.

January 10, 2012